What is doctorcare247?

  • It is a world class integrated telehealth software platform designed and created to provide unlimited access for patients and healthcare specialists to consult, diagnose, treat and manage medical conditions in real time.

How do I get started on Doctorcare247?

  • Download the doctorcar247 App from ios or google play store
  • Open the App and follow the simple instructions on the screen to register.
  • Once you have registered, select “ See a doctor”
  • Follow the on screen instructions to enter your Symptoms, Allergies and medications into the app’
  • If you do not have a mobile device and would like to use a laptop or pc, then you can do so by using our Web App. To register, please visit us at www.doctorcare247.com. All you need is a webcam and google chrome browser.

Is doctorcare 247 free?

  • Our App is free to download, The price you pay is for your individual visit and consultation with the Doctor. Despite the ease and convenience the service offers, its cost is comparatively affordable.

Do you offer International consultations?

  • Yes, we can but the provider will only provide advice, no prescriptions will be written. The Doctor may advise you on the medication you should try to obtain (if any is recommended). However, under no circumstances can we provide a prescription- even if you are a Nigerian resident traveling abroad.
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What is the difference between Psychologists and Psychiatrists?

A patient would see a psychiatrist for

medication management a psychologist for talk therapy. Sometimes the best form of treatment is a combination of both talk therapy and medication management. Psychiatrists and therapists are each able to evaluate a person to determine whether one or both treatments approaches are necessary, and can make recommendations based on their assessment.

Can I share my visit notes with my primary care doctor?

  • Yes. If you need a copy of your visit notes to share with your primary care physician, you can request for it while the consultation is on going and the consultation notes will be sent to your primary care doctor via an email provided.

Do I need an appointment to see a doctor on doctorcare247?

  • While our Medical practice does offer appointments, you can also see a doctor  on “doctorcare247.” This allows you to be put in line to see the next available provider.
  • For our Psychology and Psychiatry, we do require an appointment. Appointments can be scheduled by using the self-schedule feature within the mobile app or website.
  • Appointments can also be made scheduled if you wish to see any provider in particular.

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How is a Doctor selected for me?

  • If you’re visiting with a psychologist or psychiatrist, you will always be able to choose the doctor.
  • If you’re visiting with a medical doctor it depends on which type of appointment you select. If you select to “See a doctor Now,” you’ll be automatically connected with the next available doctor. However, if you schedule an appointment for a later time, you can select which medical doctor you would like to visit.
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Can your  Doctorcare247 Physicians prescribe medication?

  • Yes, our physicians are able to prescribe a wide range of drugs, which can be useful for infections, allergies, skin conditions, travel or sports injuries. Please note that we do not prescribe certain drugs, such as: Gabapentin, muscle relaxants, narcotics. Otherwise, many of the prescriptions available in an office setting or urgent care can be prescribed.
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Can medical forms, such as work/school excuses, be given on doctorcare247?

  • Yes, during your visit the doctor will discuss if taking time off from work or school is part of your treatment plan.
  • If you need an excuse note, you may request one from the doctor during your visit. You’ll receive it at the end of the consultation from there you can download to print or email.
  • If you forget to request the excuse note during your visit, call………. or email us at …………….. and a member of our Support team would be happy to assist you!

Can a doctor order a lab test for me?

  • Yes. During your visit, if the doctor thinks a lab test would be beneficial for you, they have the ability to order a lab test. You simply visit the lab location, have the test run, and the results will be sent to you from Doctorcare247.
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Can my lab results be shared with my primary care doctor?

  • Yes. After receiving your lab results, you can view and save the results to your phone or computer. You can then send the results to your primary care physician through their preferred communication channel.

Can I have multiple accounts on the same device?

  • Setting up accounts for multiple adults on the same device is easy. To create another account, simply log out of the app and create a new account. Just remember to logout after every appointment to keep your information private.
  • Please note that multiple accounts for one person is prohibited. If you have created multiple accounts for yourself by accident, please contact a member of our Support team for assistance at …………………. or call…………………