Smart Diabetes Monitor with AI App.

Smart Diabetes Monitor With AI App Allows you to ultimately monitor and manage your diabetes. Its easy-to-use synchronization process with your smartphones and tablets makes tracking your food intake, monitoring your diet, find the trends in your blood glucose levels, calculate normal and prolonged insulin boluses, sending detailed reports to your doctors and limiting the possibilities of any emergencies a seamless way of life.

6 in 1 Health Monitor.

The 6 In 1 Health Monitor is designed to keep track of your Blood glucose, blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature oxygen, ECG, respiration rate, stress index. It gathers, stores and maintains health-related data from different time frames for better analysis and in turn helps you get quality health care. Also, it is able to filter anomalies like blood pressure drops, increase in sugar levels from time to time. This information is passed on to the clinical system and the alerts you the user.


The Intelligent Portable Diagnostic Kit is a multifaceted mono test kit designed for making simple diagnosis. It is portable, very light, hand held, transfers data wirelessly. An all in one package that allows you to carry out diagnosis wherever you may be (home, work or play). This dynamic kit comes with various blood tests in the it, alongside sensors measuring vital signs which are easy to use by you or a nurse. It is a must have for individuals, families, organizations.


The Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor is a wireless cuff that helps you carry out regular blood pressure readings and keep track of your health results and personal fitness. It is an inexpensive health investment that can be used to keep your salt intake, overall diet, and general lifestyle measures in check. Its ease of use and synchronization process with your smart mobile device also allows you to have records of all your readings. Records that can be sent to your doctors when if the need for further investigation arises.